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So basically Ariana Venticup is biting vintage J. Lo??? Scandal!

no thigh gap, no problem
I had an eating disorder nothing serious but my body is recovering and i love it, i just want to say that all girls are beautiful inside and out♥


Rihanna. No thigh gap no problem.
No thigh gap, no problem
I’ve always been super skinny and never had a thigh gap. My current weight is 45kg, but when I was 17 I weighed 38kg. I never had any eating disorders, I grew up underweight (in comparison to other children and teens) because me and my parents are petit. I’m submitting this picture to show girls who want to get thinner in order to have a thigh gap that it might never happen, deppending on your bone and muscle structure. Sorry about the bad english. 
No thigh gap, no problem.

antinome-deactivated20140825 asked: why do you tag things as anorexia and bulimia that could give girls the wrong idea

I like to try to reach out to girls that are still struggling, it’s the same reason I tag things “thinspo”. I want people who typically search those tags to (hopefully) get some inspiration from my posts. Sorry for any confusion, but I think it’s important to try and reach out to as many people as possible.


I don’t wear shorts enough tbh

No thigh gap, no problem
Rihanna. No thigh gap no problem.

dem asses

No thigh gap, no problem